Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Angel Energy Practitioner Course

Professional Certificated Angel Energy Practitioner® Weekend


Flavia Kate Peters



21-22 September

College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensberry Pl,
London SW7 2EB

Bookings: admin@collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk

Please let me know if you would like to put your name down for future dates and locations which include;

Avebury, Wilts

Buxton, Derbyshire


This course is suitable if you are looking to make a connection and work with the angels and/or feel you are here to make a difference. You will learn how to communicate with the angels, plus enhance your intuition and natural healing abilities so that you can work with the angels to help yourself and others as a professional certificated Angel Energy Practitioner®.

At the Angel Energy Practitioner® weekend we will first work on removing and healing any blockages, in any form, you may have. You will then learn how to receive and recognise guidance and messages from your angels, as well as to learn how to work with angel energy to give healing for yourself and others. This course leads to a professional certification of Angel Energy Practitioner® (including distant learning and case studies with no time limit) – so you can work as an AEP® once qualified (see below for more details) – and is also suitable for those who wish to use the information given for personal use.

* Learn how to give angel readings

* Discover different ways you can easily receive the angels’ messages

* Angel healing methods

* Chakra clearing

* Psychic block clearing

* Etheric cord cutting

* Psychic attack removal

* Psychic protection and shielding

* Room clearing and cleansing

* Meditation

* Channelling and automatic writing

* Learn about Archangels, elemental realms (faeries, unicorns etc.) and how to connect with them

* Discover which ‘Realm’ you are from

And much more, including tips and guidance on how to start and run your own successful Angel Energy Practice.

Working as an Angel Energy Practitioner®

Upon completion of the AEP® Course (including case studies), you shall be qualified to work with clients using Angel Energy.

Working with Angel Energy is a gentle, natural, self-empowering and healing experience that brings one’s body, mind and soul back into balance… An angel reading is usually combined with an Angel Energy session, which may include:

* Chakra clearing and balancing – bringing one back to their natural state of high energy, intuition and creativity

* Energy Clearing – shifting negative and draining psychic energies to bring about a new lease of life

* Etheric Cord Cutting – releasing fear-formed attachments to people and situations

* Invoking angels and Archangels – enhancing connection and relationships with the angelic realm

* Etheric Vacuuming – a powerful technique, extinguishing psychic dirt and toxins from your body – lifts energy, depressed moods and anger

* Angel Reading – connecting with the angels to receive their loving messages by use of angel oracle cards or through your natural psychic and intuitive ability (as uncovered during the AEP® Course).

You will find that each beautiful healing session is a unique experience as you work with the angels and follow their loving guidance that is specifically tailored for each person.

You will be supplied with:

  • Teas and Coffee
  • Chakra crystals *
  • Fully qualified Certification – on completion of course and assigned case studies

The course is £250

COURSES IN BUXTON: £50 non refundable deposit required with booking

Email flaviakatepeters@gmail.com to reserve  your place or text 07789990242


Debit/Credit cards/PayPal accepted 

Payment by Instalments available by agreement

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellation, by paid up (in full) delegate, of less than four weeks prior to the event will result in no refund. Delegates cancelling up to four weeks before event will be required to pay in full to the facilitator, with no refund. Cancellation, by workshop facilitator at anytime, will result in full refund payable to paid up delegate

* subject to change and at course leader’s discretion