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The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

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Faery Magic

Fairies are the guardians of nature and are waiting to share with us the magic that exists within and all around us. They reveal the beauty and power of our inner-selves and assist us with magical solutions and insights to situations, if we just but ask. We can connect with the fairies at anytime – especially when we are relaxed or meditation. So invite the faires in, and allow them to help you to shine … Fairy Connection, Fairy Wishes, Fairy Healing.

The meditations were given specifically to Flavia Kate by the faeries and include enchanting incantations to invite the fairies in.The CD was recorded at the mystical location of Glastonbury Tor.


Mermaid Magic FKP

Mermaid Magic


  1. Intro to mermaids, working with them and the element of water
  2. Mermaid Meditation – become the mermaid, diving deep to the treasures that await to resurface…
  3. Mermaid Magikal Spell – connect with and heal the oceans, their energy and all life forms within as you replenish what has been taken, and honour your role as oceanic custodian.

CD length 50min.

Unicorn Magic

‘Awaken, dear one, from your slumber and allow us to ignite the Divine flame of light in your heart. Shine brightly as we assist you in illuminating The Way’ The Unicorns

This beautiful, inspirational meditation CD opens the portal to the realm of the mythical creatures that are true vessels for purest love. From which, by listening and partaking you too can quench your thirst…
Tracks:  1) Introduction to Unicorns 2) Meditation to connect with your Unicorn Guide and Unicorn healing energies

Dragon Magic

‘Dragons of passion, of fire and might, protect me from harm, through each day and night. Lend me your strength and be with me near, so I can ‘become’ and live without fear’ Are you in need of Dragon frequency in your life?

This moving, meditation CD is a working healing tool that uses symatic wave forms along with inland frequency from sacred sites…

  1. Introduction to Dragons
  2. Dragon magic
  3. Dragon meditation


Re-Awakening Your Inner Mystic

Deep within each of us is a magical ability and spiritual wisdom that our Celtic ancestors recognised and connected with as part of daily life. Now is the time to unlock these ancient ways and weave them into these modern days. You will be taken on a journey to connect with your ‘inner mystic’, to re-awaken the magic that exists naturally within you, reigniting your powerful and instinctive manifestation abilities.

  1. Introduction
  2. Journey to the Inner Mystic
  3. Introduction
  4. Sacred Grove                             MP3 DOWNLOAD

Angels and Faeries Flavia Kate Peters

Angels & Faeries

Angels and Faeries is a beautiful, but powerful, CD that easily connects you to the energies of the angels and faeries alike. Meet the Chakra angels at a heavenly waterfall and cleanse and clear away all that is blocking you from true connection with the angels and your destiny.

Meet the faery and elemental realm who give you the chance to make your desires and wishes known – then believe and watch your story unfold, like your very own faery tale


Sacred Alchemy – Journey of the Soul

On this CD you are taken through an initiation ceremony of the ancients to awaken your soul’s memories to the Great Mysteries that we have been denied…until now. Heal to the vibrations of ancient sanskrit chants and tones, raising your spiritual frequency and empowering your soul as you recalibrate through the sense and sounds of ‘Soul Alchemy’.

1.Golden Temple meditation

2.Soul Alchemy initiation with sacred chants and tones


 Sacred Chakra Alchemy

Music CDs


Sacred Alchemy – Ambient Chill

Experience this unique and profoundly healing soundscape to raise your spiritual (energetic) vibration and empower your soul as you re-calibrate through the senses and emotions of ‘sacred Alchemy’. Ideal for meditation, therapy work and healing.

Listen to the magic that’s of the words and within the music – and dance with your dreams as they become fulfilled and filled with fun! xxx

Wicapiwaken (Holy Star) – Ambient Chill Collection

Featuring the highly acclaimed and popular drumming talents of Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters. The word ‘Wicapiwaken’ is the Dekota tribe’s word for Holy Star; a reflection of their respect, appreciation and love for life itself.

Let your imagination guide you as you journey into the heavens and beyond to the hypnotic rhythm of native drums…


Osiren – Ambient Chill Collection

Using research data, Osiren has been produced with the help of a renowned doctor of acoustics to reproduce the cymatic sounds of the sea from 140 feet below the surface accented beautifully by the vocals of Flavia Kate Peters.

Dive in and be enveloped in the world of the ocean depths…


Dragonis – Ambient Chill Collection

Inspired by our Celtic past – the myths, magik and mystery, whilst pooling instruments from further afield, it offers powerful therapy for your soul…

This music, beautifully created as one single track, is gifted  to support and enhance  complementary therapy, relaxation, meditation and personal serenity.

Dreamweaving – Soundscapes

Journey into the ‘Dreamtime’ with this beautiful arrangement of traditional indigenous instruments, hauntingly soft vocals and captivating modern trance. The gentle ebb and flow of these sounds makes this CD the perfect choice for anyone looking to really unwind and open themselves up to whole new realms of serenity…

Boasting a number of traditional shamanic instruments set against a modern trance background infused with subtle vocals …

CD length is 60mins.

Dancing into the Divine

Gathered here are some of the finest musicians in their field, using all original instruments including, gongs, Native America drums, digiredos and Tibetan singing bowls. Added to this is the very best in contemporary keyboards, production and a subtle injection of amazing sounds from Nature to celebrate ‘Rhythm’ that will have your heart pumping, your head nodding, your feet tapping and your soul smiling…     CD length is 44mins .  Tracks: Dance Into The Divine, Find Me An Angel – Trance Dance Ibiza mix – featuring songstress Flavia Kate Peters and The Gathering