Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer


Dragons are ‘magical beings’ of the Element of Fire. They are ancient wisdom keepers and offer us great strength, protection and courage to enable us to stand in our own power, free from fears and negativity.

red candle

If you would like invoke mighty Dragon Energy into your life, then find a quiet place to sit, where you won’t be disturbed, and light a candle (preferably red). As you gaze into the flame say the following incantation;

‘Dragons of passion, of fire and might,
Protect me from harm through each day and night.
Lend me your strength and be with me near,
So I can ‘become’ and live without fear.’

Now blow out the candle and allow the swirl of the extinguished flame to wrap around you. Feel yourself getting warmer as you are embraced with the vivid colours of red, gold and orange. In front of you appears a magnificent dragon. Feel its power, feel its force.
Envisage this mighty being, its colour, its tail, its size, its eyes – for this is your dragon. This dragon offers itself as your magical protector, your bodyguard. To accept, say;

‘Gratefully I accept the magic of you,
Of protection to assist in all that I do,
Lend me courage and build the power in me.
Assist my transcendence, So Mote It Be.’

Now as you face your dragon, tell of all that wish to have assistance with, of any fears and worries and place them at his feet. As you do this, the dragon breathes the fiercest firey flame towards them and you watch as they instantly disintegrate. Your dragon looks you in the eyes and you see bright love shining for you. Another flame is breathed into your base chakra and you feel it expand as the warmth rises up through your body and into your heart. As the flames lick away old hurts and wounds they are replaced by a sacred glow. Now take a deep breath in as the glow ignites the dragon fire energy which then rages through every part of your body, purging you of all negative influences. The fire grows and consumes the very essence of all problems and fears, replacing them with passion and desire enabling you to stand strong, to fearlessly step towards your dreams and goals with ‘Dragon’ as your ally.

Give thanks to your dragon, and feel its energy whenever you connect with the fire of the sun, light a flame, feel heat from an oven, fire, electrical appliance as well as in meditation and dream time. For your Dragon is with you always, in many forms.

©2013 Flavia Kate Peters