Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Guardians of Nature

Faeries are naturally shy, and also weary of humans, and so don’t often show themselves in a way that we want or expect. They are, in fact, all around us and do belong to our physical world and also their realm, Faerie Land, which is hidden within our world. It resonates at a higher energy frequency than ours – which is why it is often difficult for humans, who are of a heavier, more dense energy, to see. But faeries can freely visit both worlds as they are made up of high vibrating energy of light. They can slow down these vibrations though, so that their bodies can take on a denser form which we are able to see in our physical world – if we are lucky!

During another workshop two large faeries turned up just as I was connecting the participants with the energy of a faery ring. They hovered in the air, to the right of the group who were in a meditative state with their eyes closed. Silently I asked the faeries why they were there, and they told me that they were just wanted to see what was ‘going on’. I told them that they were welcome.

To earn one’s trust, faeries will look to see if we have done unselfish deeds for the environment, such as pick up rubbish, be kind to animals and recycling. If we haven’t then they might set us tasks. Usually this is to pick up rubbish. If you walk past an empty coke can or crisp packet, or the like, and suddenly feel compelled to pick it up you can be sure that the faeries are behind it.  Go for it – because this will build up their trust and will be the start of a wonderful new relationship with the faeries.  The more you follow this guidance, the more naturally it will become until you find that you yourself are a guardian of nature. The faeries will always show you their appreciation, in some way or other – just look for the signs.

I was walking through a stretch of park, that is visible to a busy town roundabout, and noticed broken green glass on the lawn that could be a potential hazard for animals, who could hurt their paws on the sharp edges. I bent down to pick up the glass pieces and took them to the nearest bin, which was quite a walk away.  As I continued with this ritual, which took a good 20 minutes, I endured shouts from passing cars, and horn blowing, as if I was doing something quite mad. I just smiled, and returned no judgement,

I was pleased to put the last few pieces in the bin, and as I looked toward a pretty cherry tree what looked to me like a leprechaun type figure appeared. He was dressed in green, including his hat and was about 2 – 3 feet tall. With a knowing nod, he disappeared just as quickly as he’d arrived and I just knew that he was acknowledging what I had just done.

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