Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Invoking your very own Faery Godmother …


Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, in and out. Imagine you are sitting in front of a beautiful ornate gold mirror, at the Faery magical time of dusk.

Peer into this magic mirror and set your intentions by saying;

Mirror, mirror give me sight.
Show me shadows through the light.
Reveal the one who guards me well
That we might meet through cast of spell
Accept, I shall, new power in me,

Mirror, mirror let me see.

Now light a white candle and gaze into the flame. Take your breath and breathe deeply, in and out, through your heart centre. Feel the warmth of your heart as it expands to an overwhelming, immense feeling of love. This is the time to call upon your Faery Godmother who is ready to transform you into your glorious real-self. Gaze into the mirror and watch as the flame dances in its reflection.

“A magical feeling exists in my heart
Sacred flame’s glow shows me where to start
I’ll look in the mirror, for I’m longing to see
My Faery Godmother, who’ll appear to me”

The light flickers across the shadows in the glass until it takes shape and transforms into a resplendent Faery Godmother – your Faery Godmother!  She radiates out before you, smiling, and the love from your heart expands towards hers. She is indeed beautiful and you notice her dress, her hair and any jewels that she wears, including the powerful crystal wand she holds in her hand. She exudes magic and a power that contains deep and ancient wisdom, whilst overflowing with kindness.Take your time to see her, look at her. Feel her warmth and love – and remember that on a deep cellular level you know her. So take your time to re-connect with her.

Once you have familiarised yourselves, you hear her sweet words ring through you;

I’ve watched and loved you from afar
And grant a wish through Fairy Star
A magic outcome favours you
Belief now makes your wish come true
So close your eyes, count up to three
I’ll wave my wand, now wait and see
This is now your opportunity to ask your Faery Godmother for any magical assistance you may need. Once you have made your wishes she invites you to peer into the magic mirror, an ancient scrying vehicle in which the past, present and future is revealed, as well as all truths. For magic mirrors do not lie and underline the basics of magic – that you may not always get the answer you want!
Your Faery Godmother promises that whenever she turns up she will listen, and although she will always lend a sympathetic ear you can be sure that she will get of the root of the problem. As she works with you, allow her to unearth hidden away emotions that have been festering, such as jealousy and anger. These lower agitations will be exposed and you will have no choice but to learn how to deal with them. But don’t be alarmed, for your Faery Godmother is with you every step of the way. She encourages you to dig deep, and get to the bottom of the feelings that have prevented you from receiving all that you have been desiring. Be strong, be brave and be comforted to know that your Faery Godmother only has your highest interest at heart, as she shatters any illusions that have blinded you from the truth.Empowerment is Her gift. She offers you the chance for new life, new beginnings and changes through the magical act of transcendence.

Your Faery Godmother lifts her magnificent wand which flashes with sparkly light and surrounds you in a ball of iridescent faery dust. Feel the magic and breathe it in. Allow it to surge through every part of your very being. Feel the dream happening, feel the knowingness of your wishes being granted and coming true. Magic surrounds and fills you as you stand strong in your own power that has fully been awakened.

Nod your head with a beautiful smile toward your Faery Godmother as an acknowledgement and tell yourself that you will leave a small offering for her in return.

As you softly blow out the candle flame you watch your Faery Godmother disappear from the mirror. But although you can no longer see her, you can feel her strong presence as magic continues to pulse through you, and the warmth in your heart continues to glow. Now slowly bring yourself back, take a stretch and open your eyes, knowing that you have made a connection with your Faery Godmother, who is there for you to call upon through the love in your heart, whenever you need her magical assistance.
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© Flavia Kate Peters 

Meditation taken  from Flavia’s ‘Connecting with Fairies Made Easy’, Hay House