Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

MEDITATION to connect with the Faery Realm

We can connect with the faeries at any time, especially when we are relaxed or out in nature. So, Invite the faeries in, and allow them to help you to shine ………..

MEDITATION to connect with the Faery Realm

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed – preferably outside, or next to a plant or crystal. Breathing steadily – in and out – see yourself surrounded by an iridescent ball of rainbow light, which protects you fully with angel energy. With your eyes closed, take three deep breaths – inhale and release, inhale and release, inhale and release – and now let your breath remain deep, but steady.

As you continue to breathe you begin to sense a smell – something quite familiar – what is it, you know this scent, you recognise it – but can’t quite grasp it. You know it is from memories long, long ago. Something comforting, safe, but also wonderful – something that you connect with at the deepest level. And then in your mind’s eye you find that you are sitting against a huge, strong tree in a grassy glade. Your back leans against the rough bark and you feel the spongy green moss beneath you. You can hear the beautiful song of birds …………………….

As you look around, you see mighty, majestic trees surrounding the glade – see the bright green of their leaves as the sunlight streams through. It is beautiful and you notice that as the shafts of bright golden light shine through the trees, they meet together, as one blast of blinding light, in the clearing just in front of you.

Your eyes squint at the brightness, but you cannot take your eyes off this sight – it’s like nature’s own treasure chest of gold!

The light is getting larger and brighter and expands out, getting nearer and nearer to you – and you feel more and more comforted, more and more at peace and you just know that this is the light of the Divine, the light of the Mother coming to nurture you and to fill you with her goodness.

Breathe in the light …………….. feel it fill your heart ….. feel your heart expand like a flower opening ……. breathing this pure light energy in, as it fills your body – all the way down through the legs, into the feet and out of the soles of your feet, into the ground, deep into the Earth …………. and you instantly feel a connection with the energy of the Earth, the Earth magic mixing with the light that is now within you and part of you. Breathe this new energy up – the mixture of earth energy and your own Divine light – feel it as you draw it up in through your feet, up your legs – feel the surge as it rushes to fill your entire body, breathe it in as this amazing light cleanses every cell, every vessel ………………………… moving on up through the throat, moving through your face, filling your head and bursting out of your crown at the top your head – up and up – reaching to the highest levels of love ……………….. and feel and see the light expanding outwards – showering down over and around you. This beautiful light of protection, love and magic energy – filling you, surrounding you and connecting you with below and above.

Bathe in this glorious light, soaking in the Divine energy – feeling every part of you coming alive.

As the sun moves round, the shafts of light become hidden from the trees and your eyes adjust slowly. You are beginning to see the woodland that you are sitting in.

Just there you see some movement, a spark of light – no, two or three – no more, many more……sparkling orbs, dancing in and out of the trees – and with a rub of your eyes, you see in front of you ‘tiny’ folk – yes faeries, but ‘oh’ also elves and other beings who have come to greet you. So many of them, all approaching – some smiling and some looking very shy – and you realise that you are sitting in the heart of the faeries’ ring.

Take some time to be introduced and then introduce yourself. Open your heart, so that they know they can trust you. Find out what these magical beings have come to tell you – what do they want you to know?

What would you like to tell them? What would you like their help with? Listen well to their response on all levels.

One of your new friends whispers their name and another puts something in your hand.

Dusk is falling, and you feel a chill – it is time for you to come back and so you say your goodbyes. You feel such joy, such amazement that you have just connected with the faerie realm, you have been chosen as a faerie confident and you know that you can connect with these new friends any time, for they will always be there for you.

But how are you able to leave this place of magic and wonder? – and then it comes to you, quite clearly ……………………… you breathe ………….. deeply ……………. taking a deep inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale, inhale and gently open your eyes.

Welcome back!

© Flavia Kate Peters

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