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The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Meet Flavia Kate

Flavia Kate is a Rockstar Witch who sings in the witchy band Daughters of Gaia. She is a High Priestess of The Morrighan and Arnemetia and honors the goddess in ritual, meditation and ceremony.  Spending much of her childhood in the woods Flavia Kate played witches amongst the trees and has always communed with faeries . She works naturally with these spirits of nature and teaches others to affiliate with these mystical beings by connecting with the magick that is within and all around us.

Flavia Kate connects with the ancient deities of the British Isles. She works with Morgana Le Fey and honours the Goddess. Her mission is to awaken  mystic within, in each of one us, to bring about harmony and magickal manifestation powers for the highest good.

‘The faeries urge us to go outside and breathe in the magic that is all around us. Take time to go barefooted on the grass, connecting you to the energy of the earth – the damp soil, fallen leaves, blooming flowers, tree wisdom – and dance with nature!’

As a child, Flavia Kate also often heard the angels singing and found that she connected with them effortlessly, as she still does. She is a natural spiritual healer, counsellor and teacher who works with the energies of the angels and faeries to bring one’s body, mind and soul back into balance…


Flavia Kate Peters, Angel therapistFlavia Kate is a certified ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® working with a person’s guardian angels (which everyone has) and the archangels to bring about physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It’s a gentle and loving experience, which gives the angels the opportunity to share their personal guidance and opens a channel for whatever healing, insight or life change the angels advise at the time. Her work includes Angel Therapies, Angel Readings & Guidance, Reiki (Teacher & Master), Unicorn & Mermaid Healing & Attunements, Crystal Therapy as well as holding regular Meditation Groups, Talks, Workshops & Events. Her popular Certificated Angel Energy Practitioner® course is held twice a year at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies, London and in Buxton, Derbyshire.


Flavia Kate is a columnist for the beautiful FAE (Faeries & Enchantment) Magazine and features regularly in Spirit & Destiny, Witchcraft & Wicca, Lightworker, WITCHOLOGY and WITCH mags,  Fate & Fortune and Out & About to name but a few.  Her written contributions have been included in books such as Unicorn Magic by Kitty Bishop PhD, The Wonder of Unicorns by Diana Cooper. Flavia is the co-author, with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, of The Shaman’s Handbook of Sacred Tools & Ceremonies & The Book of Destiny (O Books) and ten oracle decks with publishers such as Rockpool Publishing, Blue Angel, Hay House, Solarus and Llewelyn!

Flavia Kate also contributed to the popular Angels: Winged Whispers, (Souls Wing Press). Flavia Kate’s own latest books include ‘Fairies’ (Hay House) an in-depth guide to working with the fae realm and the natural world, Magickal Mermaids (Rockpool Publishing) where you can tap into the energy frequency of these goddesses of the water whose magick is profound and nurturing,  and Magickal Unicorns (Rockpool publishing) to discover the path of ancient unicorn magick and lore.

Her latest book Reclaim Your Dark Goddess, takes you on a journey to meet the Goddesses who preside over you, during a hard time. Learn about each goddess, work in ritual, incantation and ceremony with her as  you take sacred steps towards your TRANSFORMATION!


If you would like to hear about how amazing angels are, how they can assist you in everyday life and help transform you then Flavia Kate is your girl! A professional and experienced Speaker who empowers others and has helped changed many many lives. Flavia Kate  the faeries, and offers Faery Readings and Guidance as well as giving Faery Talks & Workshops nationwide – as well as WITCHY workshops – at events including Mind Body Spirit, Pagan Federation, Tree of Life, Witchfest, Pagan and Witches Festival and many more throughout the year.

Flavia Kate connects with the ancient deities of the British Isles and specialises in invoking the all-powerful Morgana, to awaken us to our natural inner mystic to bring back harmony and magical manifestation powers for the highest good.

Check out her Inner Mystic workshop. She has been a guest on the TV chat show The Nick Ashron’s Lightworker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and appeared as a WITCH on Celebrity Haunted Hotel, as well as for BBC Radio as an ambassador for the Faeries and Elemental kingdom. Check out Flavia Kate’s Diary Dates for her nationwide appearances, talks, workshops and performances.


Flavia’s meditation CD ‘Away With The Faeries’ was launched during Midsummer at The 3 Wishes Faery Festival 2010, and has now been re-worked into the popular best-seller CD FAERY MAGIC. Other CDs include Awakening Your Inner Mystic, Angels and Faeries, Mermaid Magic and Dragon Magic and many more, in which Flavia Kate takes the listener on a magical but powerful journey, to meet and connect with the elemental realm. An enchanting and empowering experience for all ages.

With over 20 years of stage performing experience, Flavia sings with the awesome goddess band, Daughters of Gaia, who perform at events such as Mind Body Spirit shows, Summer festivals and pagan events. She also sings at events & ceremonies with fellow chantress Barbara Meiklejohn-Free as the duo ‘Heaven and Earth’ and with the band ‘The Collective’ throughout the UK. Music CDS include Dancing Into The Divine and Sacred Alchemy, Ambient Chill.