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The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer


mermaidThe spirits of water are collectively called the Undines. In Greek legend, Undine was a water faerie. The name means ‘wave’. Although etheric (invisible mostly to the human eye) in nature, Undines exist within the water itself -Mermaids are of this elemental realm – their energy is present within ever source of water from ocean waves, rivers and streams to springs, wells and rainfall. So, like the fairies are the guardians of plants, animals and the earth – the Undines are the guardians of the animals, plants within the water – and the water itself.

Everytime you take a shower or relax in a hot bath, you have the opportunity to commune with the undines and to utilise their powers. Each time you drink a glass of water you are taking their energies into yourself. The undines speak subconciously to all of us on a daily basis. Each time we wash, bathe, drink or get caught in a shower of rain , we are interacting with the spirits of water. Water is vital to our surival and is second only to air in terms of our dependance on it.

As two-thirds of our planet is covered with water and approx 70 percent of our bodies consist of it, it should come as no surprise that even the most scepticland non-magickal individuals are familiar with these elementals, for who is not aquainted with the legend of the mermaid? Mermaids are the guardian angels of the seas, empowering goddesses of the waters. They represent the untamed feminine of both frolics and sensuality. Their task is to look after and nuture the plants, encouraging them to grow – and to protect the fish and all other creatures within the waters. Mermaids are magical beings who can manifest their desires in an instant. All they have to do is visualise what they want and it is theirs in an instant. This is how they heal plants and creatures – by seeing them as ‘whole’ in their minds eye, and it is done.

The mermaids’ magic is deep and nuturing and can answer wishes for fertility, pregnancy & childbirth and also for healing mother/father-issues and wounds. They are fantastic with anything requiring abundance & prosperity and love to help out in affairs of the heart. It is wise to ask permission before taking anything from their Kingdom, such as shells, pebbles etc… To connect with the mermaids we need to raise our energies to their vibration and we can do this through visualisation meditation. Meditation is a wonderful tool that gives us access to different dimensions – and an easy way for our own inner mermaid to be revealed to make mermaid magic. Once we have connected with our inner mermaid we can harness the power, the magic and abundant rewards that are waiting to surface.

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