Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Mermaid Energy Healing & Attunements

The Mermaid Energy System will introduce you to the secret and unique energies of the magical mermaids.


Mermaid Reading & meditation to connect with mermaid energy and meet your Dolphin Guide – £30
Attunement & meditation £35
Mermaid healing treatment & Reiki £25

To combine 2 sessions – £45
To combine all 3 sessions, of approx 1.5 hours, £60

(add £3 if paying via paypal)

To book a session please email Flavia Kate at flaviakatepeters@gmail.com

How to use the Magical Mermaid Energy during your own healing session © FKP

It is very easy to use the energy of the Mermaids during a healing session.After you have received your attunement you will be able to call upon the Mermaids for guidance and to assist you by transferring their healing energies to you.

During your attunement you will be given the Sacred Shell Symbol in your palm chakras which you can then use to call upon the mermaids to be with you as you pass the healing energies through your hands to where healing is needed.

May you enjoy the pure and magical energies of the Mermaids.
Oceans of Blessings.

Flavia Kate Peters
Mermaid Energy Healing System, Founder & Master©


Flavia Kate Peters Mermaid workshop