Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Unicorn Energy Healing Method®

Unicorns are beautiful ethereal horses who glow brightly and look for those who naturally radiate light. Unicorns are drawn to anyone who has a positive outlook on life, and who shine. The whole essence of their being is to radiate love, and so they seek out those who are pure of heart. Through the universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and so unicorns will naturally flock around those who aspire to help others and make the world a better place.

As we move into this new era of the Divine Feminine, we all need to move forward spiritually, and our hearts need to open in order for us to progress. The unicorns are able to assist us with this, and once our hearts are open it is much easier for them to work with us, when we are flowing in love.

Whenever the unicorns hear your soul’s cry for freedom they will light you up and take you through a transformational process of awakening. But be warned for it could seriously change your life – for the better! A unicorn awakening is rather like swallowing a pill that tears through the veil of illusion. If you are prepared to have all that you think you are, all that you think you know,  stripped away to be replaced by a much older and ancient knowledge, wisdom and magic, then you are ready to embrace your soul’s knowing.

 Unicorns are drawn to anyone who has a positive outlook on life, and who shine, and will seek you out to help you hold your highest vision and goals, and give you courage and faith to be the best you can be, especially in the face of challenges. They will strengthen you to have the dignity to fight for your beliefs, and reconnect you with the higher qualities of the unicorns, to enable you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. The unicorns are calling everybody to rise up and harness these loving traits, so that we can all unite. They are working hard in the background to remind humankind of their existence, and wish to be invited back into our hearts, for that is where the magic resides.

It’s time to allow the magic to shower you again, and remember that it’s not just for children! However, because children hold many of the unicorns’ qualities, such as purity and innocence, see instead through through their eyes with joy, wonder and awe. Connect again with the child within, so as to awaken you to the mystical world that you once believed in. The Unicorns are magical beings who are pure of heart, and cut through the illusion of disbelief with their glowing horn. As you welcome these beautiful  beings of light into your life, they will help to see the truth in all situations and ignite the flame of magic within your heart ….

The unicorns are coming to us now, during this time of great change in our world, to teach and show us the gift of unconditional love and the power of healing. Unicorn Energy Healing sessions are often used in conjunction with Reiki – combining it with the pure healing qualities that the unicorns have to offer.

Healing Sessions:

  • Unicorn reading & meditation to meet your unicorn guide – £30
  • Attunement & meditation – £35
  • Unicorn healing treatment & Reiki – £25
  • To combine 2 sessions – £45
  • To combine all 3 sessions, of approx 1.5 hours – £60

Flavia-Kate teaches and attunes others to the pure level of the Unicorn Energy Healing Method®  Master/Teacher, and works closely with the unicorn energy to bring about healing, magic and balance.

Master/Teacher  – includes a PDF manual with powerful connection meditation, how to give attunements and unicorn healing methods &  attunement.  Two options available:

  • PDF manual, including self-attunement details and certificate (download manual & certificate) – £55
  • PDF manual, personal distant attunement by Flavia, personal interaction with Flavia & certificate – £75

To book, email Flavia Kate at flaviakatepeters@gmail.com

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