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The Fairy Seer

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Our Celtic ancestors recognised the speciality of the Ancient Deities and honoured the land and the seasons as they connected to, and worked with the magic that they knew was all around and within. When we are in alignment with the natural world we ignite our manifestation and healing abilities. So who prevented the use of our natural magic? Who took away our belief and acknowledgement of our inner power, of unity with Source? The time to take back what is rightly ours is now! We are being urged to connect with the old ways at this time, for no longer can we fight against the natural flow of who we really are. The ‘Mystic Within’ calls to us to awaken the deep wisdom we hold and become who we really are.

Join Flavia Kate Peters for a journey of discovering the magic of the Celtic Goddesses and Gods, persecution revelations and a soul meeting with your very real ‘Inner Mystic’ – the key to a life where dis-empowerment is a thing of the past…

”You have captured many of the issues I’ve been feeling and thinking about.” P.M.

EXPERIENCE … (Workshop)

Within us are magical qualities and spiritual wisdoms gained from the land that our Celtic ancestors integrated into life to be in balance with the power of Nature and live a life profoundly connected to the very source of all creation. Their understanding of ‘energy’, through the elements and elemental forces of nature, added a quality to life that we have forgotten and are now paying the price. But now we are being called to awaken the Inner Mystic – the Wise Woman, the Wise Man, the Seer, the Magician – and once again honour the power of the land in order to heal, create and thrive, at one with all around us.

Join Flavia Kate Peters in coming to grips with the true power of the elements, their ethereal manifestation known as the Elementals, crystals – the mystical powerhouses of Nature, and your own abilities to change how you experience life and embrace a wonderful life in the here and now, and beyond.

Exploring the forces of nature will involve understanding and reconnecting with:

Fire – the motivating driving force, giving us strength and courage and fuelling our passion for life. Salamanders, Dragons and Fire Sprites can help here.
Earth – maintaining our logic, common sense and keeping us grounded and stable. Gnomes and Dwarves hold this energy and are best called upon to reinforce the power on offer.
Air – aspiration, inspiration and creativity find their place here. Sylphs and Faeries are best placed to communicate and manifest these with us.
Water – governing our emotional well-being and our intuitive/psychic development. Engage with the Undines, Water Sprites and Mermaids.

Hands on activities will include:

Crystal work – laying on of stones, creating arrays and grids.
Power retrieval – working individually to clear and cleanse energetic holdbacks from this life and before.
Attunements with Unicorn and Mermaid energies.

*All crystals and healing tools will be provided.

”Hi, just a little email to say it was lovely to meet you today and I have come away feeling amazingly peaceful. I think today has awakened something in me and I’ve realised how much my spirituality means to me. 🙂 so thank you”

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