Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Excerpt from Connecting with the Fairies Made Easy



Exercise – Fairy Mystic Awakening Meditation

So, close your eyes and take a deep, deep breath in and out ……. Feel your body relax further as you continue to breathe deeply in and out and feel yourself sink down, down into the earth. In your mind’s eye see a silver cord connecting you to the Heavens above as you travel down and down further and further through the darkness and here you stop, in the dark chambers of what appears to be a cave.

You know there is an exit somewhere, but it does not yet reveal itself. Embrace yourself as you rest in this womb of black velvet, safe in the darkness of the Earth’s belly. Become aware of the darkness around and listen to the heartbeat of the mother, of Mother Earth who nurtures you, tells you it’s ok, it’s safe.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Listen to the beat as it takes you deeper within.

Here in the darkness you become aware that this is where the magic begins, this is the place where you can really be you.

Now in this safe haven of you, allow yourself to really feel who you always knew you were.

Breathe in the Earth’s healing energy into your heart and allow it to cleanse away any pain. Allowing any fears, from any lifetime, to be dissolved – and exhaling them back to the Mother.

As you breathe to the rhythm feel the Mother’s heartbeat, feel her loving energy releasing the fears as they lift completely, as your heart expands to its natural loving self.

You see a spark of light glow in the distance. As you go toward this light you feel a warmth and find yourself outside in a sacred grove, that has been forgotten through the mists of time.

In the middle of the grove you see huge standing stones, making up the walls of an ancient burial chamber, with a grassy roof on top.

As you stand in this sacred site you become aware of the energies of many ancient, and once honoured, Deities. You know you have been here many times before and you feel the magic coursing through this place. Surrounding and protecting the grove stand huge and powerful trees of different kinds. There is the Oak, the ash, elder, yew tree, beech, willow, holly, hawthorn, sycamore, elm and many more. You feel the call from one of these ‘Keepers of Wisdom, and walk towards the tree who has chosen you. As you stand before it feel your strong roots attached to the earth below you. Stand firmly in your power and say;


Inner Fae Mystic I call upon you

Awaken and assist in all that I do

I invoke your magic to connect us as one

By alluring enchantment, united, it’s done


Now feel your power rising up and allow the awakening.  Vital energy surges through you and you feel every part of you come alive as each cell, each vessel and every particle becomes alive with the healing vibration of magic. Breathe it in deeply as you become resonate with the natural gifts of your mystical self. This is a time to receive. Allow yourself to be willing to accept these gifts, that are your birth-right, and fully embrace your natural and very powerful ancient wisdom, knowing and healing. Be still as they integrate on a full cosmic level.

With a blast of light see in front of you a god or goddess of the Fae-kind who has appeared in front of you. You have worked with this Deity in many lifetimes and know each other on a deep soul level. Your relationship is still as strong, it is only in recent incarnations that you, as the self, has forgotten.

Allow this Fairy King or Queen to remind you. Take some time to connect, to ask questions, to listen.

Now walk to the burial chamber and through its entrance. Here you find yourself back in the darkness. You see a light shining – the exit has been revealed. You push through the darkness, push and push, it’s a struggle like a birth. Finally you make it and light shines all around you. You are back in the here and now. Take a deep breath, allow the silver cord above you to float away, as you feel your feet on the floor, reminding you that you are grounded, safe and very much alive.


Welcome back!


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