Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Invoking your very own Faery Godmother …

  Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, in and out. Imagine you are sitting in front of a beautiful ornate gold mirror, at the Faery magical time of dusk. Peer into this magic mirror and set your intentions by saying; Mirror, mirror give me sight. Show me shadows through the light. Reveal the Continue reading »

Take a peek at the oracle cards

Several youtubers have made videos of oracle decks Barbara and I have coming out this year. It’s a great opportunity to get a sense of the cards – which is difficult to do if you’re shopping online. Here’s one for the Witches’ Wisdom Oracle Cards:   And one for the Faery G0dmother oracle: https://youtu.be/jw3T3VXEWQ0   Continue reading »

The Book of Destiny

Here’s the Introduction I wrote for The Book of Destiny… When Barbara shared with me her vision of The Book of Destiny, I knew that this was going to be something different, something special. Feelings of past lives started to well up inside of me and I saw great wisdom keepers of the ancients offering Continue reading »

MEDITATION to connect with the Faery Realm

We can connect with the faeries at any time, especially when we are relaxed or out in nature. So, Invite the faeries in, and allow them to help you to shine ……….. MEDITATION to connect with the Faery Realm Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed – preferably outside, or next to a Continue reading »

‘You shall go to the ball’

Faeries may not always make themselves known by appearing visually though. You may feel the presence of faeries through a change of energy, such as a feeling of euphoria or you might feel a physical push or poke. Often faeries dance on the top of peoples head, it feels quite spidery and so be careful Continue reading »

Guardians of Nature

Faeries are naturally shy, and also weary of humans, and so don’t often show themselves in a way that we want or expect. They are, in fact, all around us and do belong to our physical world and also their realm, Faerie Land, which is hidden within our world. It resonates at a higher energy Continue reading »

Veil of Amnesia

At one faery workshop a slender young girl arrived, who was quiet and shy and said that she didn’t know why she was there, but just knew she had to be. After the first visualisation meditation we did, to commune with the faery kingdom, she just burst into tears. She told the group that she Continue reading »

‘What about us?’

Despite having written off faeries I continued to be my spiritual self, through the years, and connected very much with angels, as I have done from an early age. I was guided to California to train to become an Angel Therapist with renowned angel lady and author, Doreen Virtue PhD. The location was stunning and Continue reading »