Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

‘You shall go to the ball’

Faeries may not always make themselves known by appearing visually though. You may feel the presence of faeries through a change of energy, such as a feeling of euphoria or you might feel a physical push or poke. Often faeries dance on the top of peoples head, it feels quite spidery and so be careful not to knock them off if it tickles!

They might leave you a gift, such as a stone, a crystal or even a feather (like the angels often do!).

A book may jump out at you, you may overhear a relevant conversation or receive a faery related gift from a friend.

The faeries genuinely want to help us live a healthier, happier and more prosperous life, for when we are harmonious with ourselves, so too is the world directly around us. Faeries can work as our helpers and guides on our spiritual pathway and with any aspect of our lives. All we need to do is just ask. The faeries will help in lots of ways – and often not in the way that we expect.  So, once we’ve requested their help, we should allow the faeries to get to work without interfering.

Faeries can assist us with material concerns. They are brilliant manifestors, meaning they know how to attract or create dreams and make them a reality, for this is what they do naturally. They remind us of the importance of staying focussed on, and positive about, our desires.

If you need your financial life healed, or an abundant flow of prosperity, for instance, then you can count your lucky stars that you are friends with the faeries. All they do is imagine what they want and it is created for them in an instant. For example, they may picture themselves with a big cream cake – and hey presto a big cream cake appears. The fairies tell us that we actually do the same. Whatever we think transforms into reality in the ethers. Then it is through asking for assistance, and then taking guided action that we can bring, with the faeries help, our dreams into reality.

During a healing session, I was given this exact information as I was guided to see, in my mind’s eye, the client’s ailment as perfectly whole and healed.  I realised that this was how the faeries live and bring about all that they desire, and decided to work with them in this way. I had been invited to attend a faery ball in Cornwall, which was about a 5 hour drive from where I lived. I longed to go and join in such fun… Having a lean month, I was concerned about paying for accommodation and the cost of fuel to travel. So, I visualised it all as happening and asked the faeries to assist in my desire. I then felt guided to buy a lotto scratch card (which I don’t ever unusually do!) But the feeling was so strong, that I went ahead and choose ‘Lucky Leprechaun’. Back at home, I was putting the key into the lock of my front door and heard the words, ‘You shall go to the ball’. I raced inside and lit a small faery candle and sat crossed legged in front of it, the words still echoing through my mind. With a coin, I carefully scratched off the silver coating, to reveal three green shamrocks! I had won a hundred pounds!! That would pay for petrol and food for my trip away. How wonderful. But what of accommodation? With that, a text message appeared on my mobile phone, from a friend, inviting me to stay for that time in a delightful cottage overlooking the Cornish coast with no charge!

As the faeries had proved to me, this is a very powerful way to create our lives. Remember to be careful what you are imagining as the faeries have access to what we are seeing in our minds. Sometimes it’s fun to play with the faeries in this way – for example, you could imagine yourself with very pointy pixie ears and a long, long nose and it is ‘real’ in the ethers, instantly. The faeries can see this and will laugh! It’s a great way to build up a relationship with the faeries for they enjoy laughter and playing with the magical energies that are all around us. So, because of the faeries magical abilities to create what they desire we too can call upon the faeries to assist us!

If you, and they, feel that you have a good relationship with them, then the faeries will immediately set to work to bring you what you desire (for the highest good of all, of course) – all you have to do is be clear about what you want and ask – and remember the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for!’ Remembering that whatever you are imagining, the faeries have access to.

Now at this critical time on the planet the faeries urge us to be their voice, they are calling us to be the ambassadors of nature and help heal and clean up this beautiful planet. In return they will easily supply us with our material needs so that we have the peace to focus on the mission before us.

The faeries are waiting to share with us the magic that exists within and all around us. They reveal the beauty and power of our inner-selves and assist us with magical solutions and insights to situations.

All we need to do is BELIEVE!

© Flavia Kate Peters

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