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The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Goddess Workshops

Goddess Pilgrimage –

Ceremony and Celebration of Our True Purpose

Within us are truly transformational qualities and spiritual wisdoms gained from our Celtic ancestors and their connection to the seasons. Their understanding of purest ‘energy’, through the elemental forces of nature, added a quality to life that we have forgotten and are now sorely in need of again. We are being called to awaken the Inner Mystic – the Goddess Within to once again honour the power of the land in order to heal, create and thrive, using the one thing that connects us all – creative energy.

Join Flavia Kate Peters as you journey through the cycles, coming to grips with the true power of the Goddess, the seasons and your own abilities to change your perception and embrace a wonderful life in the here and now, and beyond.

Exploring the eight seasons and ceremonies will involve understanding and reconnecting with:

  • Imbolc – The Maiden; innocence, purity, seeding the dream and birthing the inner child
  • Ostara – The Maiden matures; from dark to light we explore signs of growth and discernment
  • Beltane – The Mother; fertile minds, bodies and soul’s, birthing our ideas and soul’s knowing
  • Summer Solstice – The Mother glorified; celebration of light, being in our full glory
  • Lammas – The Mother matures; gratitude for earthly, physical sustenance
  • Mabon – The Crone; the art of contemplation explored, self sufficiency of mind, body and spirit
  • Samhain – The Crone revered; respecting our ancestors, healing our hurts
  • Winter Solstice – The Crone fades; the returning sun, exploring purest energy the essence of our being

Choose one of the above for 1 Hour Workshops – depending on month/season

Goddess workshops

  • Fire Initiation Ceremony
  • Moon Goddess Connection
  • Connecting with our ancestors
  • Healing original wounding and Past Life Ascension
  • Power retrieval – working individually to clear and cleanse energetic holdbacks from this life and before.
  • The Goddess Within

With Flavia Kate Peters – High Priestess of The Morrighan


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