Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer


god mother fairyThe fairies are the guardian angels of the plants and animals of which they nurture and tend to lovingly. Now, because our planet appears to be in jeopardy, due to the destruction humans have wreaked upon it, the faeries are concerned for the welfare of the natural world, as it’s part of their world. By communicating with us they hope to help us to heal the Earth. Communicating with the faeries and recognising the spiritual aspect of the earth, as we did centuries ago, will help to restore balance & harmony to all, us included. They want to connect with us at this time, more than ever before, and invite us to become co-guardians of the planet.

Faeries are all around us, but it is just that we cannot ordinarily see them. They belong to our physical world and also their realm, Faerie Land, which is hidden within our world and resonates at a higher energy frequency than ours – which is why it is difficult for humans, who are of a heavy dense energy, to see. But faeries can freely visit both worlds as they are made up of high vibrating energy of light. They can slow down these vibrations though, so that their bodies can take on a denser form which we are able to see in our physical world – if we are lucky!

The faeries have amazing magical abilities to create what they desire and WE too can call upon the faeries to assist US! Faeries generally look to see what they can get in return though, but more often than not will judge us to see if we are acceptable to them. They look to see if we have done unselfish deeds for the environment, such as pick up rubbish, be kind to animals and recycling. If we haven’t done any of those things then they might set us tasks. Usually this is to pick up rubbish. If you walk past an empty coke can or crisp packet, or the like, and suddenly feel compelled to pick it up you can be sure that the faeries are behind it. Go for it – because this will build up their trust and will be the start of a wonderful new relationship with the faeiries.

If you, and they, feel that you have a good relationship with them, then the faeries will immediately set to work to bring you what you desire (for the highest good of all, of course) – all you have to do is be clear about what you want and ask – and remember the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for!’ The fairies are waiting to share with us the magic that exists within and all around us. They reveal the beauty and power of our inner-selves and assist us with magical solutions and insights to situations, if we just but ask. We can connect with the fairies at anytime – especially when we are relaxed in nature or meditating. So invite the fairies in and allow them to help you to shine…

”A magical kingdom exists in my mind
Of wonder, enchantment and all of that kind
If I just close my eyes and count up to three
I meet fairies and pixies who await there for me”

Show the faeries that you can be trusted … ”The faeries urge us to go outside and breathe in the magic that is all around us. Take time to go barefooted on the grass, connecting us to the energy of the earth. Smell & feel the damp soil, fallen leaves, blooming flowers, tree bark – and dance with nature!”

Faery-MagicAway with the Fairies! CD Guided Visualisation Meditations for all ages. Flavia Kate’s CD has beautiful meditations that help you to connect with the fairy realm and magical fairy energy – to bring about wealth, health, peace and much more: *Fairy Connection *Fairy Wishes *Fairy Healing.

The meditations were given specifically to Flavia Kate by the fairies and include enchanting incantations to invite the fairies in. The CD was recorded at the mystical location of Glastonbury Tor. Listen to the magic that’s of the words and within the music – and dance with your dreams as they become fulfilled and filled with fun xxx Click here for your copy © Flavia-Kate Peters

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