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The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

Mermaid Workshops


Dive in and stir the siren within you, to uncover your hidden treasures….

Mermaids are the guardian angels of the Seas, empowering goddesses of the water. These charming, beguiling elementals help to ignite our own feminine sensuality and seductive powers, and assist us in recognising and unleashing our true passion.
The mermaids’ magic is deep and nurturing. They teach us how to deal with our emotions and they absolutely love to help out with affairs of the heart. They assist us in bringing about abundance & prosperity, which is our very birthright. To connect with the magic of the mermaids we need to raise our energies to their vibration. Once we have connected with our inner mermaid, we are more able to harness our natural powerful manifestation abilities and reap the magic and abundance that has been bubbling under the surface.

In this workshop Flavia Kate Peters invites you to dive in to stir the siren within you, to uncover your own hidden treasure that is waiting to be revealed …

Discover who and what mermaids are and how they can help us

Journey to your inner mermaid.

The power of Water

Magic Mirrors and portals

Mermaid rituals.

Mermaid guidance.

Mermaid spells

Shell Healing and much, much more… Includes Crystal and Attunement to the Mermaid Energy Healing System©, – connecting you to the pure healing energies of the mermaids.

Flavia Kate Peters ATP ® Mermaid Energy Healing System, Founder/Master©

To book Flavia Kate to facilitate a workshop email flaviakatepeters@gmail.com