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The Fairy Seer


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unicorn animeUnicorn literally means “One Horned” and comes from two Latin words, UNUS “One;” and CORNU “Horn”. Unicorns have been with us since humankind first walked the Earth. Cave paintings all over the world show horse like creatures with a horn protruding from the front of their forehead. In Greek and Roman art the Goddess Diana was often seen riding in a chariot being pulled by many unicorns. Unicorns are also mentioned in the pages of the Bible… My horn shall be exalted like the horn of the Unicorn… He hath as it were the strength of a unicorn…
Will the Unicorn be willing to serve thee? The unicorn also appears in many other traditions, both Eastern and Western, and recorded sightings were made by Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar and Ghenghis Khan.

Unicorns are highly evolved glowing beings of Divine light and have an etheric body, rather than a physical one. They are beautiful ethereal horses and have pure light, in the shape of a spiralling horn, pouring from their third eye – radiations of spiritual energy. Unicorns are keepers of myth and magic and radiate digintiy, honour, grace, healing and clarity and people were unconsiously influenced by these great qualities. The unicorns were invited by Source to come to Earth to assist in bringing and holding the energies of beauty, purity and Divine innocence, and so many incarnated into physical beings of themselves. Being solitary creatures they kept themselves to themselves, sending healing energies out from a distance, but made contact with humans as and when was needed. Sightings of unicorns were usual though – often in forest glades, hill tops and near lakes and waterfalls. As the energies on became heavier here, due to humans loss of connection with Source, many unicorns began to withdraw from their physical incarnation as their pure essences couldn’t remain in the low vibrations.

Those unicorns who stayed in physical form eventually became hunted and this was for the magical properties of the horn. The last reported sighings were in the Middle Ages. In these times it was never doubted that they existed, the only problem was trying to see one or catch one. It is told that a unicorn can bring something back to life just with the touch of its horn and can heal many diseases, dissolve bad karma &curses and is the antidote to poison. So many unicorns were killed for their horns. But what people did not consider was that a cut horn has lost all its magic. Only horns which have been thrown off due to a renewal and were presented to a kind-hearted human as a gift retained their magic. In parts of Europe a servant would carry what was believed to be a unicorn horn round the banqueting table and touch all the food and drink to test it for poison. Powdered horn was an exquisite and huge amounts of money were spent on acquirying some for its healing and magical powers.

Elizabeth I, is said to have paid £10,000 for a unicorn horn – which was enough money then to buy a large castle. Various other kings and popes are said to have owned unicorn horns – but they couldn’t always be sure that they were getting the real thing. Common substitutes were elephant tusks or stags antlers. Dishonest traders could make a fortune! A popular trick in folklore was to lull a unicorn to sleep on the lap of a virgin maiden and then trap him in a net. There is also a famous unicorn story in tapestry, from the Middle Ages, called the Hunt of the Unicorn. It’s a series of seven tapestries dating from 1495–1505. They show a group of noblemen and hunters in pursuit of a unicorn with the final picture showing The Unicorn in Captivity.

Gradually as time has passed and science developed people have become more suspicious of theings they could not prove and gradually the unicorn has turned into a ‘mythical’ creature – much like the fairies and the rest of the Elemental Realm. So, like the fairies and others, those unicorns who stayed, and weren’t captured, went into etheric form so that only the pure of heart, advanced souls and sentient beings can see them. They still live in groups in remote parts of nature, and love the birch tree whose energy resonates well with them. If you were to encounter a unicorn, never touch it without invitation! It is the unicorn’s right to touch you first, otherwise they will lose all there magic power instantly. Now that Earth is starting to evolve and ascend more angels and archangels have been flocking to help us – and now it’s the unicorns who are returning and making themselves known to those that can assist them in helping with the ascension process.

Since ‘discovering’ the unicorns, I have worked closely with them. They have told me that they recruited me to recruit others and it is happening with quite a speed. People who are meant to work with the unicorns are suddenly remembering their passion for them and are being guided and drawn to them. More and more people desire to become attuned to the unicorn energy, to enable them to connect with them more readily and to help the unicorns with the healing process of this planet.

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