Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

‘What about us?’

Despite having written off faeries I continued to be my spiritual self, through the years, and connected very much with angels, as I have done from an early age. I was guided to California to train to become an Angel Therapist with renowned angel lady and author, Doreen Virtue PhD.

The location was stunning and the grounds were filled with the most beautiful flowers and plants that decorated pathways which led to the golden sands that lined the Pacific Ocean. Heaven on Earth.

It was here that that I was re-introduced to the faeries, one warm evening at sunset.

I was taking a stroll to the beach and felt led to smell some delicate white flowers to the left of me. Suddenly I felt compelled to ask permission to breathe in their scent and immediately heard a small voice saying ‘yes, do so”. Well, I was rather surprised and stood there, stunned for a moment. I heard a voice again saying ‘Well, will you?”.  So, obediently I leant forward and stuck my nose in and breathed up the heavenly scent. ”Thank you” I said and immediately felt something on my nose. Careful not to hurt, whatever it was, I tried to gently brush it away, but continued to feel something there.

The next day in class we were asked to get into pairs. I coupled with a pretty petite lady, with long curly brown hair. She introduced herself and then exclaimed ”You have a faery on your nose. She’s pink!”

So, the faeries had found their way in, and quite plainly weren’t going to let me get away this time …………….

When I returned home I set about building up my Angel Practice. I asked the angels to help me find a suitable place to work from and was guided to an ideal shop in my local town, that had a large spacious room at the side of the building. It was a faery shop and was run by a lady named Twinkle, who welcomed me with open arms. I was able to run angel workshops, meditation groups and give angel readings and healings comfortably.  I also helped out, when I could, selling faeries items and all things sparkly.

As numbers grew I had no choice but to look for bigger premises, which didn’t take long. Within days I was led to a Wellbeing Centre that had tranquil therapy rooms and the most exquisite covered courtyard, filled with plants and flowers! The place was perfect and so I signed up to continue my angel therapies from there. One day, as I was at the centre, deciding on dates for more angel workshops I suddenly heard the stamping of tiny feet and voices crying ‘What about us??” It was the faeries! I felt terrible, how could I have not even thought about running faery workshops? They need to be heard, they need to be believed in!

So, I consciously agreed with the faeries to be their representative. I enlisted their help so that they would give me the information that they wanted me to get across. I found that we worked easily together which led me to run faery events throughout the UK for adults and children alike, as well as writing articles and meditations for the faery press, amongst many.

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