Flavia Kate Peters

The Fairy Seer

The Fairy Seer

I Can See A Faery!

My very first recollection of faeries was during a hot summer’s day when I was about two years old. There was a village cricket match and I was playing with other children at the edge of the green. There stood a huge old oak tree, that had a hollow doorway at the bottom of its trunk. An older boy had a golf club that he put through the hollow and up inside of the tree. As he peered upwards he shouted ‘I can see a faery!’
The boy claimed that there was a small switch inside that he had knocked with the club, which turned the light on – and low and behold a faery was revealed. We all gathered around the tree desperate to see. He spent a little while turning this light switch on and off shouting ‘there’s the faery, no she’s gone, there’s the faery, no she’s gone.” He let some of the other children take a peek up through the hollow to see his exciting new discovery. I wanted to see the faery so badly, But alas, I was left out. I guess I was too young to be chosen. When all the children eventually went I remember peering through the hollow and up into the tree, seeing nothing but darkness. The disappointment was bitter, but what did I expect? I didn’t have a golf club that could reach up to turn a faery light switch on, did I?
A year later my family moved to a house surrounded by vast woodland and there I spent my childhood peering through any hole or hollow that I could find in the trees, looking for switches that would light up the faeries. I would spend hours in the woods talking to faeries , communing with them and connecting with the nature that surrounded me. It wasn’t until I was about 12 years old that I told the golf club story to a neighbour and immediately I was shot down in flames. ‘What utter rubbish, you are silly. There are no such things as faeries. Fancy you believing in such a thing. Didn’t it even occur to you that this boy had made the whole thing up?”
Well, no it hadn’t occurred to me at all, as I had felt that I had a connection with faeries, and I certainly believed that the boy had found that light switch in the tree.. But, what if this friend is right? Of course, he must be! Oh how silly I am! I feel such a fool to have believed the story, to have believed that faeries are real!” And that was the end of that. No more hunting for faeries, no more speaking to faeries – they just don’t exist!
What a shame that I was ridiculed into shutting down that connection. For allowing someone else’s opinion to change mine. But this is what has happened to many of us over, at least, the last one thousand years…………………
The fairies are the guardian angels of the plants and animals of which they nurture and tend to lovingly, they are the spirits of nature and had been a big part of the Celtic way in Britain before Christianity reached its shores. Back then nature was revered by humans, daily. But when the ‘new’ religion swept the land, those attempting to converse with these magical beings were branded a ‘evil’ or a ‘witch’, and were severely punished or put to death – and sadly the faeries withdrew from human sight and sense.
The faeries made a brief comeback in the Victorian era when spiritualism was a craze and became quite fashionable, often depicted in fantasy art and oil paintings. Another reason they started to appear again was because of the Industrial Revolution – pollution filled the air, whilst land was being raped and covered with concrete and iron. The faeries needed to be seen again, so that they could share their plight and enlist human help. Now, because our planet appears to be in jeopardy, due to the destruction humans have wreaked upon it, the faeries are concerned for the welfare of the natural world, which is also part of their world. By communicating with us they hope to help us to heal the Earth.
Communicating with the faeries and recognising the spiritual aspect of nature, as we did all those centuries ago, will help to restore balance & harmony to all, us included.

© Flavia Kate Peters

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